Who we are

Driven by your safety and security

We are a training company specialized in the delivery of high quality Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Importance of HEAT Training

Find out the information about importance of a HEAT Training from our Instructors

Bluespear trainers are highly skilled professionals who have undergone formal instructional training and have significant personal experience working within volatile environments. This ensures that not only are they fully conversant with operating overseas, but they can also add real-life experience and industry know-how to the course they are delivering.


BLUESPEAR is dedicated to provide the highest level of professional security consultancy and training to clients that take the safety and security of their employees, business, and investments seriously and are aware of the advantages of Security Consultancy and Awareness Training.


We ardently and discreetly assist our clients to identify their
security challenges and provide them with unparalleled and creative solutions. BLUESPEAR focuses primarily on prevention and preparedness and crafts the most adequate strategies.

About the company

Bluespear is the culmination of intense and meticulous preparations, commitment and dedication. Early 2022 Bluespear materialized to provide qualitative safety and security trainings to international organizations, NGOs and humanitarian organizations, journalists and media professionals as well as businesses and corporations active in hostile and sensitive regions. 

The Bluespear instructor pool is composed solely of highly skilled instructors with extensive experience in hostile and complex environments and include professionals with a military and law enforcement background, professionals within the NGO world, certified medics, as well as journalists and a psychologist. This unique combination of police, military and civilian expertise ensures that our training programmes are covered from different professional perspectives.

Our Core Instructor Team

Bluespear has a wide pool of valuable instructors with specific expertise to reinforce the trainings when required.

Omer Tosun


Instructor Situational Awareness and Safety/Security

Joanie de Rijke


Instructor Kidnapping, Surviving Captivity & Stress Management

Jeffrey Heuninckx


Instructor Medical Training


Merel de Rijke


Trauma Psychologist & Monitoring the Well Being of the Participants