kıdnappıng and survıvıng captıvıty traınıng

about our kıdnappıng and survıvıng captıvıty traınıng

The BLUESPEAR Kidnapping and Surviving Captivity Training is designed to provide the participants knowledge about the realities associated with the risk of abduction as well as important information about the psychology of the captors and how to cope with violence and psychological maltreatment. Additionally, participants will become familiar with the methods of abduction prevention, risk mitigating measures and develop a survival mentality.


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  • Delivery of KSCT at our location in Belgium
  • Delivery of In Country KSCT courses
  • Delivery of tailor-made KSCT programmes adapted to the specific needs of organizations
  • Group discount for organizations interested in our KSCT programme

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our approach

The Kidnapping and Surviving Captivity Training (KSCT) will be delivered through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions, including; presentations, videos, group activities and discussions and realistic exercises.

our kıdnappıng and survıvıng captıvıty traınıng modules include:

  • Facts about kidnapping and hostage taking incidents
  • Incidents involving international personnel
  • Global hotspots for kidnappings and abductions
  • Role of terrorist networks in kidnappings and hostage taking situations
  • Kidnapping rationales
  • Role of media
  • Types of kidnappings and abductions
  • Target profiles for kidnappers
  • Kidnapping tactics
  • Kidnapping planning cycle
  • Stages of adaptation to captivity
  • Surviving captivity 
  • Risk prevention and mitigation measures 
  • Situational awareness
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • Realistic field exercise

Objectives of the training:

Abduction is a serious ongoing security threat and the impact of such an event can have catastrophic consequences for the person’s mental and physical well-being. To minimize exposure to kidnapping and captivity and to reduce the negative impact to health and safety, BLUESPEAR has developed a training that provides the participants skill sets to cope with abduction situations and to increase their resilience to survive captivity.

Target Audience:

The BLUESPEAR Kidnapping and Surviving Captivity Training is designed for individuals active in public services such as educational institutions, healthcare institutions, public transport services, governmental institutions as well as private businesses, private security services and the hospitality and leisure industry.

faq about ksct

Answers to frequently asked questions from our training candidates

By filling out our application form our specialist team will get in touch with you and answer any of your questions and send you a training registration form with the payment details.

The BLUESPEAR KSCT programme will equip individuals operating in risk theatres with essential tools on how to manage and reduce the risks, which in some cases may be lifesaving.

Through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions as well as group activities and discussions the training will provide the participants a different set of skills and invaluable knowledge to deal with various complex situations in hostile regions.

Our Kidnapping and Surviving Captivity Training costs 2.299 Euro + VAT (21%)

The KSCT programme (4 days) takes place at our Training Academy in Brussels region and includes:

  • Transportation back and forth to Brussels airport
  • Transportation between the hotel and the training facility
  • Overnight accommodation in a waterside hotel including breakfast, lunch package and dinner (optional)
  • Catering service for coffee breaks
  • Study material and Certification

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