about our sıtuatıonal awareness program

The BLUESPEAR Situational Awareness Training is developed to create a firm mind-set and to increase the participants’ level of attention on the various threats and risks extant in their living and working environment, including in hostile regions and offers the fundamentals of personal security.

Objectives of the training:

The objective of this session is to enable participants to enhance their ability to pay attention to details around them and to recollect necessary information. Participants will also acquire the knowledge to use these mental notes to make decisions or take action to ensure personal safety and security.

Target Audience:

The BLUESPEAR Situational Awareness Program is designed for individuals active in public services such as educational institutions, healthcare institutions, public transport services, governmental institutions as well as private businesses, private security services and the hospitality and leisure industry.


Our Situational Awareness Training will be delivered through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions, including; presentations, videos, personal experiences of participants, group activities and discussions, live-scenario’s and introduction to basic self-defence techniques.

our SITUATIONAL AWARENESS program modules include:

  • Understand the limitations of selective attention.

  • Improve ability to pay attention to changing dynamics in surroundings.

  • Understand the impact of risk situations on personal safety and security.

  • Increase situational awareness skills during daily activities.

  • Understand benefit of situational awareness.

  • Understand the various levels of situational awareness and the importance of Focused Awareness.

  • Understand the situations an individual might be confronted
    with in daily life.

  • Improve observation skills, attention to detail, and ability to recall information for decision-making in emergency situations.

  • Understand the situations that might occur in an elevated risk area and how to mitigate the risk of becoming a victim.

  • Gain and develop new skills for self-protection which can be utilized in violent situations.

  • Implement the acquired knowledge when confronted with stressful and potentially dangerous situations.

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Bluespear is an international training company offering a wide range of qualitative services and solutions to assist individuals and organizations to surmount security related concerns in various challenging and volatile environments.

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