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Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

The BLUESPEAR Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is a tailor made advanced security awareness programme designed to prepare personnel of international institutions and NGOs, contractors, journalists and individuals to operate and travel in challenging, complex and high risk theatres.

Trusted by International Media Organizations, NGOs and Security Companies

HEAT Training Options & Upcoming Dates​

Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training courses are available every month of the year.
You can write to us to determine which date and training is suitable for you.

Essential HEAT Training 
(3 Days)

The aim of the 3 day HEAT is to enhance the participants’ knowledge and comprehension of common threats and risks that they may encounter while deployed or travelling within hostile or challenging environments and how to apply mitigating strategies.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training Heat Training

Advanced HEAT Training 
(5 Days)

Our immersive Advanced HEAT programme is developed in line with the EU ENTRI guidelines to ensure the highest standards and comprises five (5) modules covering a wide range of topics necessary to prepare professionals working in challenging environments to the best extent.

heat training in europe

In Country HEAT Training

Bluespear has the capacity to conduct tailor-made In-County HEAT courses for organizations that are operating in hostile and complex regions. A customized training programme specifically designed for the context of the requesting organization will be conducted at the venue of the organization.

See in Action

Explore our collection of photos to get an idea of the scenarios and exercises our participants go through during our training.


Frequently Asked Questions

We answered questions about our training program. You can write to us for any other questions.

By filling out our application form our specialist team will get in touch with you and answer any of your questions and send you a training registration form with the payment details.

The BLUESPEAR HEAT programme will equip individuals operating in risk theatres with essential tools on how to manage and reduce the risks, which in some cases may be lifesaving.

Through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions as well as group activities and discussions the training will provide the participants a different set of skills and invaluable knowledge to deal with various complex situations in hostile regions.

The HEAT programme (5 days) takes place at our Training Academy in Brussels region and includes:

  • Transportation back and forth to Brussels airport
  • Transportation between the hotel and the training facility
  • Lunch package
  • Catering service for coffee breaks
  • Study material and Certification
  • Booklet with presentations
  • Liability insurance

Participants who successfully complete the training will receive a 3-year valid international certificate.

Why is Hostile Environment Awareness Necessary?

Are you adequately equipped to enter an environment where you could be in danger?
Do you possess the necessary knowledge to handle life-threatening situations such as being taken captive?

hostile environment awareness


Our objective is to provide participants with practical training that increases security awareness, promotes reflection on security issues, and teaches effective responses to security threats, medical emergencies, and dangerous situations.
security risks and kidnapping in heat training


Our program stands out with highly skilled instructors and unparalleled training facility for practical and effective training in complex and hostile environments. Our professionals take a critical but open-minded approach, challenging individuals to develop their skills and capabilities.
heat training


The HEAT course takes place at our training facility in Lier (between Brussels and Antwerp) and contains five (5) days of training and includes indoor as well as outdoor lectures and exercises.

Participant Testimonials

To give you a better idea of what to expect from our training, we have gathered a collection of testimonials from past participants.

"I arrived with some prior knowledge, but I am leaving with a much broader understanding and greater capacity to react in various situations. The training team was extremely professional and not only focused on our well-being, but also put us in demanding and critical situations."
Pedro Dray
Senior Manager at Arkhe Risk Solutions
"HEAT training has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me understand how I react to stress. It may not make you a hundred percent prepared for everything, but it gives you that little bit of extra preparation in the back of your mind that can make a big difference in difficult situations."
Jonas Roth
Foreign Editor at Neue Zürcher Zeitung
"The instructors were professional and humble, willing to share their experience without judgment. I enjoyed the medical-related real-life scenarios, it gave me a small impression of what could happen in real life later on and I found it to be very helpful in identifying my weaknesses and tackling important issues."
Farnaz Khataei
Emergency Response Officer at Plan International

Heat From Our Participants

Our participants come from a wide range of backgrounds and will conclude the HEAT training with a different perspective on the world and their own abilities. 

A Glance into Some of Our Topics

Our immersive HEAT programme comprises five (5) modules covering a wide range of topics
necessary to prepare professionals working in challenging environments to the best extent.

first aid section of a heat training

Kidnapping and Surviving Captivity

This scenario based topic is designed to provide the participants knowledge about the realities associated with the risk of abduction, the psychology of captors and how to cope with violence and psychological maltreatment.

explosive awareness in heat training
kidnapping scenario of a heat training

Advanced Medical Training

Learn life-saving medical interventions such as casualty assessment, care under fire and management of catastrophic through realistic scenarios.

kidnapping scenario of a heat training
explosive awareness in heat training

Weapons and Explosives Awareness

Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of different types of weapons, mines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), improvised explosive devices (IED).

Our Core Instructor Team

Bluespear has a wide pool of valuable instructors with specific expertise to reinforce the trainings when required.

Omer Tosun


Instructor Situational Awareness and Safety/Security

Joanie de Rijke


Instructor Kidnapping, Surviving Captivity & Stress Management

Jeffrey Heuninckx


Instructor Medical Training


Merel de Rijke


Trauma Psychologist & Monitoring the Well Being of the Participants

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