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The establishment of Bluespear is founded on the profound expertise of its director in various challenging and high-risk theatres in which he operated for over a decade.

Bluespear is the culmination of intense and meticulous preparations, commitment and dedication. Early 2022 Bluespear materialized to provide qualitative safety and security trainings to international organizations, NGOs and humanitarian organizations, journalists and media professionals as well as businesses and corporations active in hostile and sensitive regions. 

The Bluespear instructor pool is composed solely of highly skilled instructors with extensive experience in hostile and complex environments and include professionals with a military and law enforcement background, professionals within the NGO world, certified medics, as well as journalists and a psychologist. This unique combination of police, military and civilian expertise ensures that our training programmes are covered from different professional perspectives. 

Our Main Attention

“Driven by your safety and security.”

BLUESPEAR coRe ınstructor team

O.T. : Experienced former police officer with a profound expertise in security and protection operations. Conducted a large number of security operations and provided protection services to government functionaries, international officials as well as high value detainees.
Within the international security arena operated in Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa in various settings and conducted security and protection operations in highly hostile environments.
Participated in a wide array of security and counter-terrorism trainings in different parts of the world and gained significant expertise in the subjects.
MSc in Counter-Terrorism studies with specialization in Radicalization and Violent Extremism.

A.B. (Freelance): Former Dutch Military Police Special Units operator with a vast experience in counter-terrorism and high risk interventions. Significant experience in protection and reconnaissance operations in various high risk and sensitive theatres such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon and Mali. Participated in numerous specialized trainings around the globe. Certified Train the Trainers instructor with UNDSS.

Joanie de Rijke (Freelance): War correspondent and author. Studied journalism at Fonteys Hogeschool in the Netherlands. Since 1997 active as an international journalist for several media outlets, radio and television stations. 
Specialized in conflict and war zones, terrorism, social-economic issues and foreign politics.
Extensive experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Libya, Mali, Sudan, Niger, Congo, Uganda, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine.
Author of ‘In the hands of the Taliban,’ 2009; ‘Pakistan, the most dangerous country in the world,’  2012 and ‘Bombs in Brussels, 5 years after the attacks – 22 March 2016.’ 2021

R.A. (Freelance): Experienced PHTLS/ First Aid/ TCCC/ TECC/MIRA Instructor. Obtained his BA degree in nursing in 2000 followed by employment in different settings such as intensive care units, army, vessels, oil and gas and expeditions in secluded regions.
Conducted a large number of missions around the globe, mainly in remote areas with limited resources such as DRC, CAR, Chad, Mali, Uganda, Djibouti, Antarctica, Lebanon and Ukraine.
Currently working as a field paramedic with a UN organization to support field missions in remote areas, in addition to liaison, training, mapping, Medevac Coordination, and auditing. Certified in HSE, NEBOSH IGC, ACLS, PHTLS, AMLS, BOSSIET, HUET, Medical Repatriation and Prolonged field care.

Merel de Rijke (Freelance): Experienced psychologist graduated from the University of Amsterdam. Profound expertise in trauma (PTSD), including war trauma, trauma in childhood, trauma due to sexual abuse, violence or accidents. In addition to extensive experience with anxiety and depression, highly proficient in dealing with acute trauma, delayed and chronic trauma. Skillful in the application of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT).


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BLUESPEAR is dedicated to provide the highest level of professional security consultancy and training to clients that take the safety and security of their employees, business, and investments seriously and are aware of the advantages of Security Consultancy and Awareness Training.


We ardently and discreetly assist our clients to identify their
security challenges and provide them with unparalleled and creative solutions. BLUESPEAR focuses primarily on prevention and preparedness and crafts the most adequate strategies.

our core

Our core values are based on what we truly believe a great company to be.


Solid foundations, solid relations, solid solutions


With progressive thinking/ideas we make the difference


We are committed to provide effective results


No challenge can
obstruct us


Reliability is at the core of our company

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About Us

Bluespear is an international training company offering a wide range of qualitative services and solutions to assist individuals and organizations to surmount security related concerns in various challenging and volatile environments.

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